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NCJAR 2024 Committees

Volunteer members promote diversity, equity and inclusion within NCJAR membership and its communities through education and communications. Members align with strategic partners of leading local-based organizations such as AREAA, NAHREP, NAREB and LGBTQ to plan the annual DEI Summit.

Volunteer members and Association staff plan global programs, offer International Real Estate Professional Development and collaborate with neighboring boards to build awareness among members of the global business opportunities that surround them. The Council builds partnerships with globally-minded businesses, mortgage brokers, attorneys and other relevant local entities.

An “issue based” committee of which volunteer members provide resources for NCJAR members that will increase involvement in their communities and the political process. Using programs, publications, classes and grants NCJAR members actively engage with community residents and demonstrate “Who We R” as Realtors.

Volunteer members of the committee act as a grand jury in evaluating grounds for complaints of an ethics nature against a member and/or a dispute resolution issue. Committee members decide if the complaint has sufficient merit for forwarding to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing.

Volunteer members participate in all community service projects of the Association, eg: Realtor Care Day, food drives, coat drives, school supplies, smoke alarm canvass and installs, in addition to assisting with the Association events.

Volunteer members serve as a liaison to the GSMLS regarding suggestions from NCJAR members at large for improvement of the listing system database. Volunteer members must be “active” participants of the GSMLS.

Volunteer members act as a Grand Jury to enforce the Code of Ethics by conducting hearings on the complaints of ethical violations and arbitrations of monetary disputes.

NCJAR® RPAC Team Captains are liaisons whose responsibility is to communicate and reinforce the RPAC message of Vote, Act and Invest to their firms with facts equipped to them by the Association. Responsibilities include attendance at NCJAR® Team Captain meetings, (mandatory attendance at two of the three meetings annually), staying informed on important RPAC information, including the why, when and how to invest, calls to action, investment deadlines and communicating this information regularly with their firms and participating with NCJAR/RPAC fundraising events. Broker must approve position.

Volunteer members oversee the NCJAR Scholarship Program by accepting and reviewing all applications and conducting interviews of all candidates for the five NCJAR Scholarships.

Volunteer members collaborate on best practices, cutting-edge technology, strategies and more that will benefit all of NCJAR’s members. YPN’s Mission is to provide business opportunities through involvement in projects that create networking, community service and professional development.