License Renewal Deadline2021The 2021 New Jersey Real Estate Commission license renewal closes on July 19, 2021.  License renewals must be completed through the online process by the Broker, Manager, or Admin.  

Any required renewal fees must be paid to your office directly. Please contact the Broker, Manager, or Admin in your office regarding company specific license renewal fee procedures.   

  1. All individual licensees (except Salespersons-Referral and those 40 Year Brokers that are approved by the Commission as exempt) must complete the Continuing Education (CE) Requirement.
    • As of June 1, all licensees who did not complete 12 hours of continuing education have been assessed a $200 fine from the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. This fine cannot be waived.
  1. All individual licensees must complete and submit their individual online Qualifying Questionnaire.

Any licensee failing to satisfy either of these requirements will not be eligible for license renewal.

Any Real Estate Licensee whose license has not been renewed by Midnight on July 19, 2021, may Not Conduct Real Estate Business until They Have Met All of the NJ REC License Renewal Requirements.

Print/View Your NJ Real Estate License - This card must be carried or be electronically accessible by the licensee whenever engaged in brokerage activity.

How Do You Know if Your License is Renewed?

You can confirm your license is renewed by printing your license to check the expiration date. If the expiration date is 2023 then your license has been renewed. If not you must contact your broker/office admin to finish the renewal process. Go to to print your NJ Real Estate License.